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Program - Wednesday 5 July 2017

8.30 - 9.00
Eastern Auditorium Foyer
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9.00 - 9.45
Eastern Auditorium
Keynote PresentationChair: Kenong Xia
Jing Tao WangNew Opportunities in Restructuring of Materials by Deformation
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
9.45 - 10.30 Wednesday 1.1: Structural stability Wednesday 1.2: Microstructures and deformation mechanisms Wednesday 1.3: Mechanical properties
Chairs: Rinat Islamgaliev Zakaria Quadir Anton Hohenwarter
  Udayachandran Chakkingal (Invited)Investigations on formability of magnesium alloy AZ31B processed by equal-channel angular pressing by analysis of processing maps Jana ŠmilauerováThermal stability of commercially pure Ti and Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy Abhijeet DhalBending deformation behaviour of ultra-fine grained aluminium sheets in micro-domain Shiro TorizukaHigh strengh and formable ultrafine grained steel wire suitable for parts forming Hashem Mousavi-AnijdanMicrostructural Characteristics Of Nano-Structured Fe-28.5Ni Steel By Means Of Sever Plastic Deformation (SPD) Irina SemenovaEnhanced fatigue properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy turbine blades via formation of ultra-fine grained structure and ion implantation surface Zesheng YouFracture behavior of nanostructured metals with nanoscale twins Auezhan AmanovHigh Strength and Wear Resistance of Tantalum by Ultrasonic Nanocrystalline Surface Modification Technique at High Temperatures
10.30 - 11.00
New Law Foyer
Morning Tea
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
11.00 - 12.30 Wednesday 2.1: Structural stability Wednesday 2.2: Processing Wednesday 2.3: Mechanical properties
Chairs: Udayachandran Chakkingal Megumi Kawasaki Miloš Janeček
  Rinat Islamgaliev (Invited)Effect of grain refinement on mechanical properties of martensitic steel Martin Franz-Xaver Wagner (Invited)Effect of creep and aging on the precipitation kinetics of an Al-Cu-Alloy after ECAP Kristína VáclavováThe effect of ultra-fine grained microstructure on the phase transformations in metastable beta Ti-15Mo alloy Zakaria Quadir (Invited)ARB processing to develop composite microstructures and textures in sheet metals Malgorzata Lewandowska (Invited)Nitriding a nanostructured stainless steel - the effect of grain boundaries on the layer formation and properties Prathap ChandranProcessing and characterization of Al-Al3Nb prepared by mechanical alloying and equal channel angular pressing Ali Reza EivaniTowards fabrication of nanostructured aluminum smaller than 100 nm using equal channel angular pressing Anton Hohenwarter (Invited)Fatigue crack growth of SPD-processed metals Ruslan ValievPrecipitates studies in ultrafine-grained Al alloys with enhanced strength and conductivity Hao ZhangAchieving high performance ultra-fine grained high nitrogen stainless steel via friction stir processing Andrey MedvedevFeatures of mechanical and electrical properties of Al-3.5 RE (Ce + La) alloys after high pressure torsion and subsequent heat treatment Sandra Kauffmann-WeissDuctilisation of ECAP copper at cryogenic temperature
12.30 - 14.00
New Law Foyer