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Program - Tuesday 4 July 2017

8.30 - 9.00
Eastern Auditorium Foyer
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9.00 - 9.45
Eastern Auditorium
Keynote PresentationChair: Michael FerryLei LuHistory-independent cyclic response of polycrystalline Cu with highly oriented nanosclae twins
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
9.45 - 10.30 Tuesday 1.1: Gradient structures Tuesday 1.2: Microstructures and deformation mechanisms Tuesday 1.3: Young Researcher Session
Chairs: Yuntian Zhu Rimma Lapovok Terry Langdon
  Xiuyan LiFriction behaviors of Cu alloys with a gradient nanostructured surface layer Xin ZhouEffect of strain rate on grain refinement of copper during surface mechanical grinding treatment Carlos FigueroaMicrostructural and superficial modification in a Cu-Al-Be shape memory alloy due to superficial severe plastic deformation under sliding wear conditions Nairong TaoTensile deformation of nanotwinned steels with recrystallized grains Chihiro WatanabeEvolution of Heterogeneous Nano Structure in 316LN Austenitic Stainless Steel by Heavily Cold-Rolling Jittraporn Wongsa-NgamMicrostructure of Al-Si-Fe alloys processed by high pressure torsion Marta CiemiorekIncremental ECAP as a method of producing UFG plates with low anisotropy and good formability Marta LipinskaUltrafine grained aluminium plates obtained by the ECAP-PC process with subsequent upsetting Takahiro MasudaFabrication of high-strength Al-2%Fe alloy through grain refinement by High-Pressure Torsion using upsized ring samples Lisa KrämerBulk metallic glass composites: High Pressure Torsion for producing and modifying its properties Irfan WaniEffect of severe cold-rolling and annealing on microstructure and tensile properties of AlCoCrFeNi2.1 eutectic high entropy alloy
10.30 - 11.00
New Law Foyer
Morning Tea
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
11.00 - 12.30 Tuesday 2.1: Gradient structures Tuesday 2.2: Emerging SPD techniques Tuesday 2.3: Young Researcher Session
Chairs: Kei Ameyama Deliang Zhang Xiaozhou Liao
  Ke Lu (Invited)Grain boundary stability governs hardening and softening in extremely fine nanograined metals Yuntian ZhuHeterogeneous Structures: A New Paradigm for Designing Super Strong and Tough Materials Xiaolei Wu (Invited)Strength-Ductility Synergy in a Gradient Structure Yusheng LiMicrostructures and mechanical properties of gradient structured 5052 Al alloy Zenji HoritaChallenges for Scaling up of Severe Plastic Deformation Process under High Pressure Peng XueMicrostructures and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained materials prepared by friction stir processing Sunkulp GoelCryo rolling of Ultrafine grain Tantalum Mohammad NaeimiStructural modification of AA1050 aluminum alloy using pure shear extrusion Tibor DoničTribological and Geometrical Analysis of the Friction Forces of Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation Mohammad SalamatiTexture evolution and grain refinement of Al-1050 during incremental ECAP Jung Gi KimAchieving maximum strength in bulk metallic metals using multiple strengthening mechanisms Hak Hyeon LeeNeutron diffraction and finite element analysis of the residual stress distribution of copper processed by equal-channel angular pressing Peng GaoEffect of sample orientation on the dynamic recrystallization of an AZ31 Mg alloy during high strain-rate deformation David Tumbajoy SpinelMicro-mechanical testing and EBSD investigation of graded strengthened hyper-deformed surfaces Marat LatypovEBSD Data Analytics for Quantification of UFG Microstructures
12.30 - 14.00
New Law Foyer
14.00 - 14.45
Eastern Auditorium
Keynote PresentationChair: Rima Lapovok
Megumi KawasakiFabrication of hybrid metal systems through the application of high-pressure torsion
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
14.45 - 15.30 Tuesday 3.1: Grain refinement and deformation mechanisms Tuesday 3.2: Processing techniques Tuesday 3.3: Young Researcher Session
Chairs: Yuntian Zhu Nairong Tao Hyoung Seop Kim
  Enrico Bruder (Invited)Influence of Stacking Fault Energy and Solid Solution Strengthening in Cu-X Alloys Processed by ECAP and HPT Guanyu DengCharacterization of microstructure and mechanical property of pure titanium with different Fe addition processed by severe plastic deformation and subsequent annealing Deliang Zhang (Invited)Microstructures and Tensile Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine Grained Al Alloy and Cu Matrix Nanocomposites Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy Route Viet VuThe new plastic flow machining process Wenbo LiuMicrostructure characterization and irradiation resistance of nanostructured low activation steel produced by surface mechanical attrition treatment Jongun MoonUnusual effects of cryogenic high-pressure torsion of Co20Cr26Fe20Mn20Ni14 high-entropy alloy on microstructure and mechanical characteristics Friederike EmeisThe applicability of grain boundary engineering on ultrafine grained Cu-Ni alloys Seung Mi BaekSuperior Pre-Osteoblast Cell Response of Etched Ultrafine-Grained Titanium with a Controlled Crystallographic Orientation Jae-kyung HanWear properties of various Al hybrid metal systems processed by high-pressure torsion
15.30 - 16.00
New Law Foyer
Afternoon Tea
ROOM Eastern Auditorium Room 024 Room 026
16.00 - 17.30 Tuesday 4.1: Grain refinement and deformation mechanisms Tuesday 4.2: Processing techniques Tuesday 4.3: Young Researcher Session
Chairs: Enrico Bruder Zenji Horita Zakaria Quadir
  Kei Ameyama (Invited)Unusual Deformation behavior of Harmonic Structure Designed Materials Dongjun LeeEffect of pressure on the microstructural evolution of copper during high-pressure torsion process Eun Yoo YoonMicrostructures and Mechanical Properties of Ni-based Powder Metallurgy Superalloy after High-pressure Torsion Laura AhmelsLocal Deformation Behavior of an Ultrafine Grained Ferrite Steel with Strong Rolling Texture Liming FuMicrostructure and deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained medium Mn TRIP steel fabricated by heavily rolling Andrey Molotnikov (Invited)Architectured hybrid materials produced by rotational Equal Channel Angular Pressing Anibal MendesRole of Shear in Interface Formation of Al-Steel and Cu-Steel Multilayered Composite Sheets Rimma LapovokInfluence of Shear Strain and Contact Plane Inclination on Interface Formation in Hybrid Materials Produced by Severe Plastic Deformation Maciej KrystianEqual Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) of hollow profiles made of titanium Andreas KatzensteinerTemperature dependent structural evolution in nickel/carbon nanotube composites processed by high-pressure torsion Timo MuellerDeformation of Martensitic Carbon Steels using High Pressure Torsion Frank KümmelCrack growth and fatigue life of ultrafine-grained laminated metal composites produced by accumulative roll bonding Andrea OjdanicStrengthening And Corrosion Of Mg-Zn-Ca Biodegradable Alloy After Processing By HPT And Heat Treatment Pedro Henrique PereiraThermal stability and superplastic behaviour of an Al-Mg-Sc alloy processed by ECAP and HPT at different temperatures Mehmet Okan GortanAnalytical and Experimental Investigation of Process Loads on Incremental Severe Plastic Deformation
17.30 - 19:30 Poster Reception @ New Law Foyer
Poster Board No.
Luke BesleyThe effect of Cu-based core-sheath configurations on the processing of Nd-Fe-B-based permanent magnets via Equal Channel Angular Pressing
2 Cai ChenSevere plastic deformation of metals by high pressure sliding using a three-axis ECAP machine
3 Tong GaoEvolution behavior of γ–Al3.5FeSi in Mg melt and a separation method of Fe from the intermetallic phase
4 Daekuen HanWear properties of an Al-Cu hybrid material processed by high-pressure torsion
5 Hamid Reza JafarianThe effect of repetitive corrugation and straightening by rolling (RCSR) process on microstructure and mechanical behavior of AISI 316L austenitic Stainless steel
6 Daqiang JiangDeformation behavior of Nb nanowires in TiNiCu shape memory alloy matrix
7 Yuki KitanoImproving hydro-formability of stainless steel tubes by tube channel pressing
8 Andrea KliaugaMicrostructure, accumulated strain and mechanical behavior of AA6061 Al alloy severely deformed at cryogenic temperatures
9 Jiří KozlíkCryomilled and spark plasma sintered titanium: the evolution of microstructure
10 Taekyung LeeMicrostructural Evolution and Mechanical Improvement of AZ31 Bulk Rod via Multi-Pass Caliber-Rolling Process
11 Zheng LiLow temperature stable θ’-Al2Cu obtained at Aluminum-Copper bimetallic interface via Severe Plastic Deformation
12 Jaewon LimInfluence of nano-scale oxide layer on sintering and mechanical properties of Ti binary alloy powders by pulsed current activated sintering
13 Akihiro MaedaElucidation of the mechanism of strength-ductility enhancement by Mn in 0.1C-2Si-5%Mn fresh martensite steel with synchrotron radiation
14 Rinat IslamgalievEffect of Ca on microstructure and mechanical properties of the Mg-Zn-Ca alloys processed by high pressure torsion
16 Yaogen ShenTwo-phase nc-TiN/a-(C,CNx) Nanocomposite Films:
17 Min SongTwin-twin interaction induced localized solid-state amorphization in FeCoCrNi high-entropy alloy
18 Wanting SunAltered ageing behavior of a nanostructured Mg-8.2Gd-3.8Y-1.0Zn-0.4Zr alloy processed by high pressure torsion
20 Yuta YamaguchiDeformation and recrystallization behavior of super high-purity niobium for SRF cavity
21 Feng YangMicrostructure and deformation behavior of Fe nanoparticle reinforced CuZnAl composite
22 Jiang YaoMicro-alloying induced simultaneous high thermal stability and hardness in ultra-fine grained copper alloy